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In Memoriam

Jeffrey C. Larrick

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10/14/15 07:25 PM #1    

Richard A'Hern

If 7/16/46 and lived in Massachusetts then dod 9/20/2009 in Carrollton ILLINOIS

10/15/15 12:34 PM #2    

Carl J. Glaser

Jeff formed a hockey team to play intramural at an old rink outside of town. We called ourselves the "Olympians" and we all got high one day as we gathered around someone's kiitchen table with the old high-fume markers drawing the olympic circles on tee shirts and sweat shirts for our uniforms.

I couldn't skate very well so I was designated to be the goalie. Not having any gear other than a pair of figure skates, I made my own pads out of masonite board, burlap, and sponge rubber. I borrowed someone's catcher's mask and Bruce Juergens' first baseman mitt. My chest pad was a Rubber-Made dish drain-pan that I slipped under my sweat shirt. I did pay for a cup and a goalie stick; two important investments!

We did pretty good in our own league, but one night, Jeff got us a match with a team up in Winnetka at this very nice outdoor rink with lights. The other team was on the ice practicing when we arrived and they looked like the Chicago Blackhawks complete with nice jerseys and professional grade leather pads on the goalie.

The other team came into the locker room while we were getting suited up. As I was putting on my pads the opposing goalie looked at me and asked, "What are you doing?" I replied, "I'm our goalie." He said, "You are going to get killed out there!!!" He proceeded to loan me a complete set of professional grade leather pads (when you're from Winnetka you can afford having two sets), mitt, and this wrap around plexiglas mask that fogged up from my hyperventilating every time the other team came at me...which was as frequently as they wanted until it was obvious that we were way over-matched!

Jeff took some shit that night from the Olympians! I think the over-riding question as we drove home to LaGrange was, "What were you thinking??" Thank you Jeff for the memory. I hope you are on God's A-Team.

10/16/15 08:17 AM #3    

Elizabeth (Jean) J. Jones (Brancato)

Great story, Carl.  And great memory!


10/17/15 11:08 AM #4    

Edward (Ed) T. Butt

Love it. Thanks, Carl. 

Bob Bapes organized our hockey team, the Eagles.  We were so bad that we didn't score a goal until the 7th game.  Greg Martin was our goalie, and one night he forgot his cup.  He stuffed an elbow pad in his shorts instead.  We tried especially hard to play defense in front of him, but -- as I sad -- we were terrible.  He had yet another 50-save night  


10/17/15 03:30 PM #5    

Carl J. Glaser

And on that note, Ed, I would be remiss to noy pass on a note I recently received from John Rauch from our class:

"The first testicular guard, the Cup, was first used in hockey in 1874, and the first helmet was used in 1974.

That means it only took 100 years for men to realize their brain is also important!"

You may remember that we played without helmets...then again, you may not remember!! But, damn, it was fun!!!  I wish I could buy Jeff a beer, but the next best thing is to drink one in his memory. Here's to our team captains!

10/17/15 09:51 PM #6    

Richard A'Hern

Thanks for the memories guys, this is what I was hoping for when I started working through the list. I'm sure every name has a story, but these are priceless.u

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