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Our 60-year reunion is planned for Homecoming Weekend, 2024

Email Addresses

Thinking about a new email address? Still using your old work email address? Remember, your email address your connection to our class. If you change your address, please tell us! You can change your address yourself - just log into the website and make any changes. If you have forgotten your password, there is a facility to change it, but you must have control of your old email address. As a last resort, send me (jscheef@lths64.com) your info and I'll help.

LTHS has an official Facebook page for the district:  Lyons Township High School D204


•   Jon E. Socolofsky  12/6
•   Betty Stack (Anderson)  10/6
•   Keith A. Steensma  8/23
•   Kirk Deyer  8/2
•   Elwood P. Betts  7/5
•   Patricia McWethy (McWethy)  7/1
•   Deborah (Debbie) I. Oakley  6/22
•   Linda R. Luck (McKinlay)  6/21
•   Barbara S. Flatt (Bellovary)  6/20
•   Robert (Bob) K. Miller  6/19
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•   William J. (Bill) Mitchell  2023
•   Gail Potter  2023
•   G. (Kathryn) Kathryn Osterberg  2023
•   Steven Michael Toohey (Toohey-Spencer)  2021
•   James (Jim) A. Gustafson  2022
•   Gary DeLong  2022
•   Richard (Rich) O. Litt  2022
•   Richard L. Andorf 
•   Sandra L. Vail (Lovell)  2022
•   Robert T. Mariotti  2021
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