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In Memoriam

William J. (Bill) Mitchell

Hello, this is Anson Mitchell, Bill's son,
As many of you may already know. It's with a heavy heart that I share the news of my father's passing. He passed in his sleep on March 1, 2023 at 12:30pm. The last few years have been tough. We are at peace knowing he is no longer suffering.
He was a strong hardworking businessman, a unique outspoken member of the community, and a man who touched many lives. Thank you dad for being such a supportive father and husband and providing us with a long happy life. We will be sharing more information as we start to plan the funeral and memorial. If you have any photos or stories you wish to share please post them here or email us at anson.mitchell@gmail.com. RIP, we love you dad and miss you already.  
With love,
-The Mitchell Family

Text and photos from Anson's email.

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04/11/23 01:11 PM #20    

Janeen C. Jewell

To Bill's family I am truly sorry.

04/11/23 01:58 PM #21    

Lewis (Buddy) M. Breese II

Mindy your are just a bitter old woman whose anger is misguided.  You do need professional help to release this built up hatred for people who you perceive as the reason for your problems.  You just can't leave it alone, you always have to have the last word and belittle people who disagree with you.  I believe turn around is fair play, so please let it end here.

04/11/23 06:21 PM #22    

William J. Kelleher

Thanks, Gerald Williams. Now I remember that bit of campus lore. George Pankow was reputed to be way up there in the ranks. Too bad there aren’t any fight records that would definitively show who was the top street fighter in our school. I think that Frank and George were Class of ’63. So that would leave Jim as tops in the Class of ’64.  Elimination bouts between the three would have been an amazing contest. If only we could go back in time!

04/12/23 01:44 AM #23    

Gerald T. Williams


04/12/23 11:25 AM #24    

Melinda (Mindy) L. Armer

Thanks Janeen and Buddy for picking up where Bill left off. This is exactly the forum to find out the true character of those just sat by and watched. Bitter buddy shame on you. Your as much of a jerk as you used to be. I don't really give a shit what either one of you think. If you can't figure out how hard it was on me then you were part of the problem. And seeing the tribute to Bill made me puke. Leave it at that. Have a happy blessed life.

04/12/23 11:28 AM #25    

Melinda (Mindy) L. Armer

My work is done. I'm off the sight. Been watching for Bill's notice for along time. Like I said revenge is best served cold.

04/12/23 12:53 PM #26    

William J. Kelleher

I agree with those who say that this is a proper place to fill out the memory of Bill Mitchell -- his bright side, his dark side, and everything in between. He was certainly a person many of us have clear memories of. For me he was an athlete, socially active, and a brave, tough, warrior. (I don't doubt anything that has been said here about his darker side. Although I wasn't afraid to be around him, there were times when he let me know who was tougher.)

If the history of the Class of '64 were written, I'd rank him second only to Jim Barr as a fearsome street fighter. Gerald says Dave Jakesone was #1, but I don't remember him, and his name is not on the Classmate Profiles list. Barr is listed in the Class of '64, and I remember him as a classmate. Its not always easy to get history right, and smart people can disagree on the details. (As an aside, Barr was once in need of a lawyer. We had an art teacher at North Campus who was a lawyer, and he helped get Barr out of trouble pro bono. I can't remember that teacher's name.)



04/13/23 05:43 AM #27    

Ann M. Liebenthal (Hermen)

Enough said! I think this thread should end!

04/14/23 06:47 PM #28    

Edward (Ed) T. Butt

I agree with Ann. Over and out. 

04/15/23 12:07 PM #29    

Janeen C. Jewell


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