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In Memoriam

Jack M. Butcher
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04/16/19 09:54 AM #2    

Carl J. Glaser

I remember Jack as being an all around great guy. If I remember correctly, Jack played football and he also played in the school band. So on "home" football days, Jack would quick change from his football gear and go out and march with the band! He played goaley for his hockey team and he took some time to show me some pointers. I got lucky one time when the puck bounced off my skate and Jack complimented me with, "Nice skate stop!" Amazing how those small acts of kindness and encouragement stick with us so many years later! Great to know you, Jack! God bless you.

04/16/19 02:36 PM #3    

Deane A. Nelson

As with Art, Jack was a true friend. He was the goalie on the "wolverines"  our hockey team. He was always scooting around on his 3 wheel motorcyle during high school. Most people did not know he had a pet monkey while in high school. As the leader olf the  band that played at the Corral, he played a song called "Harlem Nocturne" that was the band's special piece. 

The last time I saw him was a couple of months  after coming back from the "Hanoi Hilton". I don't think he had adjusted to freedom yet. He was in the second plane while John McCain was in the first. He credited his survival to his faith in God. He told me the prisoners had a secret code. He used it to get Miciogan football scores. He was very relunctant to talk about anything else. 

He escaped twice from captivity before he was sent to the Hanoi Hilton. As I understand it, he wanted the whole Viet Nam issue forgotten, so I never nominated him for the LTHS Hall of Fame. 

He should be in the Hall of Fame

04/17/19 09:27 AM #4    

James (Jim) H. Philips

I last spoke to and saw Jack and family at their homecoming reception in Ann Arbor, Mi. upon his return from Vietnam. I was honored to be in in the color guard as part of a Coast Guard contingent at that reception in 1973. His service and duty to country were so commendable. He was not only a good friend all during high school, but a brother in arms during the war.      As Deane, Art and Carl have mentioned sentiments I can only concur.  Jack had the “intestinal fortitude “ to play goalie for the “Wolverines” hockey team. Chris Parker, Wally Rose, Phil Crittenden, Marc Eckerle, Art West, Deane Nelson, Steve Touzalin, Dave Netzel, Dexter Means, my brother Harry, and probably half dozen other friends I have failed to mention made up a group of guys who played hockey in all kinds of conditions - least of which was the keeping our friendships.   Jack “the scab” Butcher was the best. Rest well, you done good!


04/17/19 10:49 AM #5    

Lawrence (Larry) D. Schulz (Schulz)

I didn't know Jack well but I have to especially thank Deanne and Jim for their comments,especially about Jack's very challenging times during the Vietnam War.  War is hell and Jack certainly went through it, along with John McCain. 

I second Deanne's nomination of Jack for the LT Hall of Fame.  

Very best regards from a sunny, near summerlike Munich, Germany.

Larry Schulz


04/17/19 01:07 PM #6    

John D. Rauch

I did not know Jack, but after reading his story I certainly add a third motion for Jack's inclusion the Hall of Honor ! A great model for all LT students and alumni !!




04/18/19 12:36 PM #7    

Walter (Walt) B. Rose

Jack Butcher represented America at its very best. I hope his time after Nam gave him some peace of mnd. A born leader who made things happen, he was a true hero. It was a privilege to be his friend.....

04/20/19 04:43 PM #8    

John D. Rauch

I have "opened a file" for Jack with the LTHS Hall of Fame:  https://www.lths.net/HallofFame by mailing a Nomination Form for review. I have included two links from above for Jack's biography, but those of you who knew Jack my wish to add more using such form. Deadline for 2019 nominations is May 1, 2019. Let's get this done !





04/22/19 01:38 AM #9    

Lawrence (Larry) D. Schulz (Schulz)

Great initiative, John.  While I too served in Vietnam, Jack and my paths never crossed after LTHS so I have little to add.  However, Deane Nelson and others surely have great info to add for the recommendation form.  Let's all get together and give Jack Butcher the recognition that he so much deserves.  

04/26/19 10:15 PM #10    

James (Jim) H. Philips

John, Larry, et.al. of Jack’s classmates and friends - I have submitted a HOF nomination in Jack Butcher’s name. It seems such a small thing to do for a good friend but very deserving. JP

04/29/19 11:46 AM #11    

John D. Rauch

The LTHS HOF committee has just acknowledged receipt of my nomination appllication via email. Here is their direct contact information:  

Robyne Recht

Administrative Assistant

Community Relations/Alumni

Lyons Township High School

100  South Brainard Avenue

LaGrange, IL 60525



Deadline is Wednesday, May 1, 2019


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