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It was a great reunion!

Our 55-year Class Reunion is Complete

Everyone had a great time. Our next reunion is planned for Homecoming Weekend, 2024. Thanks to Carole Freeman Polacek and Sharon Strauss Sparks for making it all possible. They did a fabulous job!

LTHS has launched an official Facebook page for the district:  Lyons Township High School D204

From Robyne Recht in the LTHS Community Relations/Alumni Office:

"We welcome you to like the page and follow as we promote our collective accomplishments and achievements. It will also be used to remind our communities about upcoming events, programs and workshops, as well as remind parents about School Improvement, Late Start and snow days. We will also add this Facebook page to the many resources at our disposal and utilize the immediacy of social media in the event of an emergency or crisis."


•   Leonard Lingo  10/11
•   William J. Kelleher  8/23
•   Robert C. Miller  8/18
•   Virginia (Ginny) A. Ekroth (Richardson)  8/17
•   Phillip (Phil) D. Phillips  8/14
•   Linda J. Stanley (Lukasek)  8/13
•   Cheryl (Cherie) A. Johnson (Gibisch)  7/19
•   Lawrence (Larry) D. Schulz (Schulz)  7/11
•   Margaret J. Anderson (Sinclair)  4/20
•   Ann L. Davidson (Peel)  4/18
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•   Robert M. Castle  2020
•   Ronald (Jim) J. Lupo  2019
•   Harley P. Conrad  2019
•   Edward N. Connelly  2019
•   Darryl J. VanSon  2019
•   Richard Arant  1972
•   Richard (Bill) D. Moore  2013
•   Robert (Bob) A. Mervine  2019
•   Kenneth R. Krejci  2019
•   Mary (Bunny) E. Chubb (Knowles)  2019
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